Thai Massage In San Diego – Different styles

There’s lots of great massage schools here in San Diego, and I’ve worked with some really dedicated teachers over the years.  Thai Massage is a very special focus, that is not as well represented in the schools.  Most people don’t know about the different styles of Thai massage, so I will be writing more about my studies there.  For example:.

“Even with the existence of formal structures such as lineages and schools, Thai Massage is still a very diverse art form in the country of its origin. Westerners typically speak of there being two distinct styles of Thai Massage, one predominating in the North of the country and one in the South. Indeed, there are some readily observable differences between the more laid-back and gentle massage of the Shivaga-komarpaj Lineage style that predominates in Chiang Mai (called by many Westerners the “Northern Style”), and faster and more intense styles found elsewhere (called by Westerners the “Southern Style”).

Salguero, David Roylance C. Pierce (2011-12-01). Encyclopedia of Thai Massage: A Complete Guide to Traditional Thai Massage Therapy and Acupressure (Kindle Locations 396-400). Independent Publishers Group. Kindle Edition.

Here’s a list of some of the local massage schools here in San Diego.  If you are interested in learning massage, there are many opportunities to start practicing.

International Professional School of Bodywork‎
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Body Mind College: Massage School San Diego, Massage Therapy‎

Our Massage School has been recognized as one of the best Massage Schools in the country for many years. Body Mind College – Massage School.
Mueller College – San Diego‎
Mueller College is a vocational school that offers massage therapist, personal trainer and alcohol and drug counselor certificate programs.
Holistic Practitioner/Massage Therapy School – San Diego‎
Mueller College’s Holistic Practitioner/Massage Therapist program builds on the foundation of the Massage Therapy program. Become certified in massage …
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Schools – California Massage Therapy Council‎
For massage therapy schools, California state-recognized certification …. Linda Beauty School; San Diego Beauty College; Sunset College of Healing Arts; UBC …
Healing Hands: School of Holistic Health | Escondido 760/746-9364 …‎
Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (HHSHH) offers California Certified, Nationally Accredited training programs for Massage Therapists and Holistic Health …