Amazing massage, the best I’v ever had. Charunee is truly a blessed therapist!
Theodora – La Jolla

Great Hands: So many massage choices in this geographical area but this is by far the most professional and best deal. I have a standing appointment and always look forward to felling relaxed and ready to take on my wild life after a visit with Charunee.
Don P – Ramona

I just got home form my first massage with Charunee and was so happy with my experience I rushed to write this review! I have had many massages and several types. My 90 minute Thai massage was one of the hands down best I have ever had. Charunee applied the perfect amount of pressure which ranged from light in some areas to very intense in the areas I had a lot of tension and knots. Right my whole body feels very relaxed and loose. After six 12 hour days catering my body needed a little TLC. This was a perfect way to end a hectic week. Can’t wait for my next appointment!

I have been Charunee’s client for several years and would guess I’ve had over 50 massages from her (she recently amicably branched off on her own from Massage Thai Way in Linda Vista which I also still frequent). Having been a fan of Thai massage and having worked with many therapists I can say that Charunee is my favorite one.

Ever since I have known Charunee she has been actively and formally studying and going to school for massage. I’ve particularly liked the Shiatsu which has been blended into our Thai sequence (I regularly encourage her to experiment with new protocols she’s learning and we communicate along the way on what fits best).

One of the great things about being a regular with a highly skilled therapist is that they get to know your body and incorporate that knowledge into the massage experience. As a result we have found a “groove” together which is a major bonus in my opinion due to the inherent intensity of Thai massage. As a result, I can often get the benefits of an intense Thai massage experience and still fall asleep during it sometimes. I love that!

Besides having an excellent, professional and reasonably priced service, I find Charunee to be a warm, smart, funny and articulate person – a pleasure to be with. Her new studio is great and located in a quiet suite within I think it’s a naturopathic medical office. She offered me a bottle of water on the way out of my last visit and asked me for any suggestions I may have to make her studio and/or practice better. Small things like that really stand out to me – thoughtful dedication to excellence. She’s great and has easily earned my five star recommendation.
Matt B – San Diego

I have been to Charunee’s for therapy about 15 times. She is the only one I’ll go to. She’s got a great personality, is very skilled, and her technique is truly amazing. Always on time and professional. I developed a bit of carpel tunnel from working construction tools over the last few months. With Charunee’s therapy and rest, my hand and arm are much better. No numbness or tingly sensations, and my strength is increasing. I always leave feeling special, better and well attended to. She’s awesome!
Brian D – Bonita

I went to San Diego for a vist recently. I had been having some back issues and a friend recommended Charunee . She is a very skilled body worker with great techniques for relaxing muscles and stress. Her Thai massage really helped me stretch out and alleviate the knots I was experiencing. This experience was a nice retreat for me. I highly recommend Charunee and Thai Yoga Massage.
Christina M – Walnut Creek