How a Thai Yoga Massage Will Help With Exercise

Exercising is a crucial factor of life. Many incorporate it into their daily lives. Some choose to wake in the early hours of the morning and jog or hike through the neighborhood or a favorite trail, like doing the 5 mile loop at Mira Mar Lake, or climbing up Mt Woodson from Lake Poway. Others may choose to kayak at Mission Bay. Nevertheless, there are plenty of places to exercise throughout San Diego. However, days and weeks and months of this repeated routine can be- although vital for your health- destructive if pushed too far.

Research has proven that massage helps reduce exhaustion of an exerciser. It also improves mitochondria production, allowing higher more energy levels. In addition, it lowers the amount of arginine-vasopressin, a hormone linked to aggressive tendencies as well as stress.

Just one massage can make a difference, no matter how small or big. Before long, you’ll be able to hit the track again and again without any aches and pains screaming at you to stop.